The James Hillier Foundation

Scholarship Information

The Scholarship

The Scholarship Fund of the James Hillier Foundation is intended to aid specific students in Brant County. Dr. Hillier has said, “I would probably never have gone to University if it had not been for a scholarship I received upon graduation from Brantford Collegiate Institute. Dr. Hillier was awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Toronto during the depression in the 1930’s and it has been his desire to see others assisted in the same way.

The scholarship provides funding towards an undergraduate degree.

The scholarship is to be used for general academic fees for up to $5,000 per year for up to a maximum of  4 years ($20,000).


Candidates for the scholarship must be recommended by their high school principal.  Each school can nominate up to two candidates per year.

Further, to be eligible for a scholarship, a candidate must:

  • Be a graduate of a secondary school (high school or collegiate) located within Brantford or Brant County and
  • Have been a full time student and a resident of Brantford or Brant County for the final three years of their secondary schooling (exceptions to this rule may be considered in the event that a student resides elsewhere in order to pursue enrichment activities e.g. Rotary Exchange. Such exceptions will be at the discretion of the Interview Committee) and
  • Have demonstrated or indicated an interest in scientific research and
  • Have been accepted to a college or university that have an appropriate accredited curriculum and
  • Have signified their intentions of pursuing scientific or technological careers

Application Consideration

For an application to be considered, the applicant must have:

  • A graduating average from secondary school of at least 90% in his/her best six subjects acceptable for university entrance, including at least two sciences

Online Application Form

Please find the Online Application Form here.

Supporting Documentation

  • Completed Signature Form (signed by both Principal and Applicant)
  • At least two letters of support, one of which is from a Science Teacher
  • Official Results: Secondary School transcripts and interim university entrance mark

Submission Instructions

  1. Prepare all supporting documents as indicated above.
  2. Fill out the Online Application Form, attaching all supporting documentation.
  3. Once the form has been completed, press submit and the application will be sent electronically.

*Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for submitting applications is May 15 of each year
  • Successful candidates will be advised by letter or email no later than July 15 of the same year

Selection Procedure

  • The Scholarship Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors of the James Hillier Foundation, consisting of four directors from the board and up to three persons will evaluate the applications and make the decision
  • The decision of the committee is final
  • Reasons for the selection / decisions are strictly confidential
  • There is no allocation of a specific number of scholarships for various schools
  • Each school will be eligible to recommend up to two (2) students each year
  • The Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to award any scholarships in any given year.

Method of Payment

Scholarships are paid to the educational institution, early in the fall term. Expenses in accordance with the guidelines will be reimbursed directly to the student upon submission of appropriate supporting receipts.

Scholarship Continuance

In order for the scholarship to be continued beyond year one of the program, the student must:

  • Maintain a minimum “B” average or equivalent
  • Maintain an undergraduate science, math or technological course of study throughout each college or university year until completion of a first undergraduate degree or a maximum of 4 years or $20,000.
  • Provide the foundation treasurer with a statement of fees and transcript of marks.

The continuation of the scholarship will be determined:

  • On an annual basis
  • At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee after they have ensured compliance with the scholarship criteria